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APM Technica AGOur environmental simulation

Environmental SimulationWe improve our environmental simulation capabilities every day.

We'll help you do the same with your products.

Accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 since January 2017 (for scope, see the SAS [Swiss Accreditation Service] website STS 0634). This enables us to meet customer requirements in the automotive and medical sectors, which require accredited tests for qualification. Being able to provide our customers with reports from an accredited laboratory also adds value in other industrial sectors and significantly increases the level of trust.

Specialized diversity

Our accredited test portfolio ranges from climate, vibration and shock, vacuum, and water-tightness (IP tests) to salt spray and tensile tests. Would you like to know how your product ages thermally, or whether it arrives intact at your customer's premises upon delivery? We will be happy to determine the answers to these and other questions using test scenarios specifically tailored to your product.

Has your product been damaged during a test? We are happy to help you identify the cause and address the weak points. On request, we can carry out a complete damage analysis and give you the opportunity to develop improvements directly with our Engineering department.

Our device list for environmental simulation tests

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