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APM Technica AGOur Technology and Development

Materials Technology and Process DevelopmentTechnology and Development
with added value

We provide competent, comprehensive advice on materials technology, process development, and choice of materials, as well as optical system technology.

Our expertise covers the entire development process:

  • Choice of materials
  • Design
  • Process development
  • Process validation
  • Industrialization
  • Quality assurance

In the areas of joining and surface technology, processes and products such as bonding, sealing, soldering, lacquering, and coating are consistently optimized.

Our focus is not just on the bonding and sealing of glass, metal, and plastics. We also strive to achieve outstanding bonds that are environmentally-resistant and sustainable. By means of an extensive series of tests, we determine the optimum pre-treatment and dosage and then test external requirements and simulate the appropriate environmental influences. Serial production only begins when the perfect solution has been found.

The degree of automation is determined by what is required, be it small batches or large-volume serial production.

In addition to our expertise in process development, APM Technica AG has in-depth knowledge of optical system technology and its application in equipment manufacturing, the automotive industry, medical technology, and the aerospace industry.