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LubricantsAn extensive product range

Our lubricating and sealing greases and pastes, specially developed for instrument making, are available under the brand name APM-Turilub. We also supply the exceptional lubricants produced by Lubcon.

We are characterized by many years of experience in the use of oils, greases, pastes, and powders for lubrication and sealing purposes and as protection against seizing and corrosion. Dynamic and static conditions as well as material compatibility are taken into account (plastics and elastomers). We place particular emphasis on high-quality raw materials so that we can guarantee you optimum operating conditions.

Low-outgassing greases for use in a vacuum or in space and for ensuring fog-free optics are standard for us.

Our range for extreme temperatures ─ both hot and cold ─ should also be mentioned. It is also important to consider static and dynamic friction or, more precisely, to avoid stick-slip effects in general.

LubricantsTechnical data sheets for greases

Technical data sheets are available on request from: