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Solvents for a wide range of applications

In the adhesives industry, special solvents (including ether substitute) are used for cleaning purposes. These solvents play a crucial role in our manufacturing process since they help effectively remove impurities and residues from production equipment, machinery, and tools. The quality of our adhesive products and smooth functioning of our systems are thus guaranteed. Selection of the right solvents and safe handling thereof are of paramount importance to ensure both efficiency of our manufacturing processes and compliance with environmental regulations. We attach great importance to the use of environmentally-friendly solvents and compliance with all relevant regulations in order to fulfill both our environmental responsibility and our responsibility for the health of our employees.

Additional specialist solvent products are available on request.
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Ether substitute

Ether substitute is a versatile solvent ideal for degreasing and cleaning materials such as metals, mineral glass, and plastics. It is used in various industries to remove grease, oil, and dirt from surfaces and ensure processing quality.

Technical data
  • Strukture: Low viscosity
  • Color: Clear and colorless, to a slightly yellowish liquid
  • Benzene content: <0.040%
  • Boiling range: 55-100°C
  • Water content: <0.05%
  • Low-volatility hydrocarbons: <10ppm
Areas of application

Cleaning agents: Ether substitute can be used in cleaning products to remove grease, oil, and dirt. It is particularly useful for cleaning machines, tools, and production equipment.

Adhesives industry: As mentioned above, ether substitute is used in the adhesives industry as a solvent for cleaning purposes.