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CHEMICAL- / PHYSICAL LABORATORYNo measuring task is too big

If a product fails on the market, the first question that often arises is:
"Does the material have the right properties?"

Depending on the application, various material properties play a pivotal role in the right choice of material. Relying on technical data sheets alone is not always sufficient. If various similar materials are shortlisted for an application, small differences that are not listed in data sheets are often decisive.

We will assist you as your capable partner in these tasks.
We find out what you need to know about your material. We have a wide range of measurement methods available for this purpose. In addition to many other measurements, we can, for example, use thermal analysis to determine filling levels, coefficients of expansion, and glass transition temperatures. We measure viscosities, ascertain surface wettability, and determine absorption spectra. No measuring task is too big for us. Entrust us with your task; with us, it will be in good hands.

Equipment list for the Chemical- / Physical Laboratory

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