SAS - Swiss Accreditation

Seminar Programme:


- Classification of adhesives
- Properties of different adhesive types
- Purposes and areas of application of adhesives
- Processing methods

Bonding Forces and Rheology

- Bonding types, wetting
- Factors governing the quality of bonds (design measures)
- Practical information for users
- Definition of rheological terms

Surface Pretreatment

- Adhesion enhancement
- Practice-based surface pretreatment methods
- Adhesion without surface pretreatment
- Selecting the right method for different materials

Adhesive Layer Properties and Build-up

- Types of bond stress
- Impact on long-term durability
- Enhancing the long-term durability of bonds

Test Engineering

- Adhesive tests
- Test methods and processes
- Interpreting analyses

Work, Health and Environmental Protection at the Workplace

- Hazardous substances
- Workplace safety
- Protective measures (Personal Protective Equipment)
- Safety data sheets
- Work instructions / operation instructions
20 Jahre APM Technica