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Developed especially for instrument manufacture, our greases and pastes for lubrication and sealing purposes are available under the name APM Turilub.

We stand out from the crowd thanks to our many years of experience in the utilization of oils, greases, pastes and powders for lubrication, sealing, seizure prevention, or protection against corrosion. In doing so, we take into account both dynamic and static conditions such as material compatibility (plastics and elastomers). We place particular emphasis on the use of high-quality raw materials so that we can guarantee optimum production conditions.

A standard, we employ greases which emit a low amount of gas for use under a vacuum or in aerospace, and which guarantee a fog-free optical appearance.

Therefore, it should be noted that our product range is suitable for use in both extreme hot and cold temperatures.
It is also important to take static and sliding friction into account to prevent the occurrence of the stick-slip effect in normal conditions.

APM Technica greases

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