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We offer special lacquers for the optics industry and instrument manufacture.

Peinture optique Etokat

Components Hardener 186 828 and thinner 186815
Mixture ratio 3 part by weight lacquer: 1 part by weight hardener
Application Spray
Pot life at +20°C 6-8 houres
Drying times RT (20°C) 12h
Dust-dry 3 houres
Dry to handle 8 houres
Forced drying 30 minutes at 70-80°C object temperature
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Application: Composants optiques pour l'absorption de la lumière parasite. Enduction de bord des lentilles



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Instrument manufacture

Decorative lacquers which can be diluted with water for use in instrument manufacture. Lacquers containing solvents should no longer be used. They can be easily replaced with water-dilutable systems.
20 Jahre APM Technica